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With our experience and creative approach we produce dynamic concepts from branding, leaflets and brochures to interactive PDFs, training packs and displays.

Breaking down complex information and identifying its key components is our expertise. The results are creative designs that are accessible, engaging and informative.

Most of our clients are busy healthcare professionals so we provide:

  • Script writing and development

  • Voiceover artists and music

  • Info graphics and animation

  • Relaxed, friendly filming experience

  • Subtitles and BSL interpretation

  • Project management

When stock images just ‘don’t cut the mustard’, we capture appropriate and informative images that help convey your message more clearly.

Apart from bringing a more professional look to your project, our photography is tailored to your specific needs, providing you with images that can be used for variety of applications.

A key area of our work specialises in producing training and patient/service user information videos together with their accompanying resources. We produce videos that are visually engaging, often combining techniques such as animated graphics, green screen and live footage. Our design and photography brings everything together to provide you with a suite of professional resources.

Training Videos and Resources

See our ‘Focus on Training’ page to find out more.

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Sometimes the subject matter or message is difficult to capture on film. This is where animation and animated graphics can be far more successful at engaging and informing viewers. Many of our training films include a combination of animation and live footage - it doesn’t have to be one or the other.


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Whether for interviews, talking heads, presentations or training videos, using a green screen can provide many creative options for your project. We bring our portable kit to you, making it much easier for staff and service users to attend filming sessions.

Green Screen

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Of course, not all our videos need animations or green screen effects. Many of the films we produce rely on capturing great footage and presenting it in a way that engages the viewer and holds their attention.

Creative Video

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Our design and photography are stand alone services but more often are combined with our video service to bring a cohesive style to your resources. Some key examples of our design and photography include:

  • Training and information packs

  • Interactive PDFs

  • Inclusive communication

  • Brand development

  • Booklets

  • Leaflets and flyers

  • Exhibition displays

Design and Photography

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