Providing bespoke training videos and supporting materials




For many of our clients, being healthcare professionals, working with a creative service is a new experience. Where do you begin? What will it cost? What will the end product be like?

This is why we give free consultations so you get to understand the process and can make informed decisions about what you want... whether working with us or someone else!

We often work with patient and service user groups who provide informative and creative input into projects. This is especially important when being filmed or interviewed, giving some control and ownership of the content and style.

Staff, patient and service user input also helps define the best way to communicate with a given audience.

For each project, we always agree an ‘up-front’ budget so there are no hidden costs.

  • A clear outcome for each project.

  • Work with you to agreed deadlines.

  • Keep you ‘in the loop’ throughout the project with regular updates.

  • Provide project management to save you and your colleagues time.

React To demonstrates how we have applied different video techniques and consistent design across a range of resources.

From and agreed budget, script development, content creation and filming to design and production of supporting materials - we take on as much of the project management as you need to free up your valuable time.

React To

Visit the React To website to see all these training videos and accompanying PDF resources.

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Our presentation-style training films are cost effective, time saving and accessible. People within your organisation can access high quality training, filmed in advance with one of your expert trainers, at a time that suits them – removing venue hire, travel time and additional costs.

We’ll come to your workplace and film the trainer doing their presentation in front of a green screen. We then add graphics and text to make the training visually stimulating.


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Sometimes it’s not practical to use live footage for training. Our animated graphics or ‘info graphic’ videos deliver:

  • Anonymity to anyone involved

  • Concepts clearly visualised

  • Complex information simplified

  • An engaging and memorable experience

  • Less impact on staff time

Animated Graphics

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