Double Impact

"Our latest project Crocodile House produced is a short film entitled ‘Recovery from Addiction’ – the film has received outstanding feedback from the audiences who have watched and from our point of view it has acceded all our planned outcomes, the funders of the project went as far as to say they were proud to have their name associated with the film.

We would, and no doubt will, commission Crocodile House to deliver future projects for us.”

Stephen Youdell, Head of Operations, Double Impact

Epilepsy & Learning Disabilities

One in a series of seven films made for people with learning disabilities and epilepsy. Each film is accompanied by a pictorial booklet.

The films cover medical procedures such as MRI, EEG, VNS and Video Telemetry, explaining the processes in an easy to understand format. Other films explain the local epilepsy service, the transition into adult services and how people are able to live well with epilepsy


This film captures the highlights of a day organised by Bild for various advocacy groups in Wales who got together to share their achievements. Each group had received funding from the Welsh Government Advocacy Grant Scheme.

Local NICE Group

These films explain how the Local Services NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) Team implement NICE Guidance within Notts Healthcare Trust and highlights the variety of projects which were funded by the Trust. Each project is related to a piece of NICE Guidance.

Pressure Ulcer Prevention

Aimed specifically at care home staff to reduce the number of pressure ulcers occurring, the React to Red Training Pack consists of a DVD, booklet and competancy forms. The film is a mixture of interviews, care home footage and animated illustrations giving the viewer a full insight into the effects of having a pressure ulcer and how best to prevent them.

Elderly Care

Radford Care Group have successfully been supporting elderly people for the last 25 years and now, as numbers continue to grow, they need a new building. We wanted to create a short, fun film that involved service users and reinforced the ‘buy a brick’ fund-raising campaign.


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Based in Derbyshire, but working throughout the East Midlands and the UK, Crocodile House specialises in working with the Health and Social Care sectors. With our personal backgrounds in Learning Disability we especially enjoy involving service users in projects and always want the creative process to be a positive and valuable experience for all involved. We understand the culture of the Health and Social Care sector. We understand tight deadlines, budget constraints and increasing workloads. We’ll work at a pace that suits you and will undertake project management tasks to help reduce organisational pressures.

We appreciate the importance of finding the time to understand the needs of each client and their target audiences allowing for the effective communication of ideas. We have delivered successful projects within Learning Disability, Mental Health, Elderly, Substance Misuse, Recovery and Probation.

You’ll find us friendly, flexible, personal and professional.

We look forward to working with you.