stop animation

Stop Animation – simple, fun and creative

We love working in health and social care but every now and then we get the chance to do something totally unrelated to our specialism. Last week saw us spend a day with an old friend from Armitage Pet Care and their full range of Rotastak products. We decided that a stop animation film would be the best way to fully show off the modular nature of the products.

After an hour of building and arranging we were ready. Constructing the full kit first meant that we knew how large the final image would be so we could get it suitably framed. We then worked backwards, carefully removing a piece at a time and taking a photo. Over 70 frames later we had completely dismantled the set up. With a bit of post production tweaking and some suitable music our first stop animation film was born.

Our hard work was captured by the GoPro and can be viewed here



7th October 2015