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Malnutrition resources added to React To website

React To Malnutrition and Dehydration resources have just been added to the React To website These React To resources were written by Doncaster and Bassetlaw Dietetic Team and are designed to assist in the identification and on going management of malnutrition and ensuring good hydration in all residents. The consequences of not providing sufficient food or fluid are serious, including fragile skin, increased risk of infections and acute kidney injury. The React To Malnutrition film considers the reasons for food refusal and then takes you through how to use the MUST screening tool, leading to nutrition care plans, food and fluid charts and some menu and recipe ideas. The React To Dehydration film explores signs of dehydration, fluid charts, drinking behaviour, tips for encouraging water consumption and ideas for hydration based activities.  

React To Infection

React To website continues to grow

Following the launch of the React To website in February we have just added another training resource: React To Infection React To Infection is divided into two, explaining how care home staff can identify, prevent and manage Influenza and Norovirus. As well as the two films there are numerous helpful documents such as checklists, posters and leaflets which can be downloaded. We are currently working on malnutrition and dehydration resources which should be appearing on the React To website before summer. React To is a growing series of resources which will provide up-to-date evidence based practice covering key healthcare issues. More topics will be added over the next year.  


React To website goes live

Following on from our work with Nottinghamshire Healthcare Foundation Trust on the React To training resources the React To website has been launched. The website houses the react To series of training films and resources written by healthcare professionals and developed specifically for care home staff. It currently covers topics such as pressure ulcer prevention, moisture lesions, falls and foot care. It is a growing series of resources which will provide up-to-date evidence based practice covering key healthcare issues. More topics will be added over the next year. Karen McEwan (Quality Improvement Matron, Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust) comments on React To: “As a team we could never have envisaged the tremendous success React To Red would achieve, and the team have received widespread credit for the resource, which allows all care home staff to receive training within their setting, in a timely manner and it has been subsequently rolled out across other care providers, as the learning is transferrable across different care settings. From this, and funded through the East Midlands Patient Safety Collaborative, came the idea to develop the ‘React to’ series with new resources being added primarily aimed at care staff.”

HSJ Awards 2017

HSJ Awards 2017 – Success for Crocodile House Client

Congratulations to the Tissue Viability Specialist Nurse Team at Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust. They recently picked up a 'Highly Commended' in the Staff Engagement category at the 2017 HSJ Awards.  The HSJ Staff Engagement Award is about recognising organisations that have turned the theory of engaging with staff into reality. It recognises organisations that are able to demonstrate that staff engagement is at the heart of their culture. The judges at the HSJ Awards were presented with the React to Red training pack which has been having amazing success in pressure ulcer prevention among care homes in Bassetlaw. The pack was developed in conjunction with Crocodile House who created branding, printed literature and a training DVD. React To Red

Buy a brick for Radford Care Group

Crocodile House has just completed a short film for Radford Care Group to kick off it's Buy a Brick campaign. The campaign is encouraging everyone to buy a brick for £5 which will go towards the costs of building a new centre. You can watch the film here Radford Care Group was created back in 1968 to enable older people to maintain their independence, enjoy life and belong to their community. They are so good at what they do that they now need a bigger building. They've got the plans drawn which will involve demolishing the existing building and constructing a larger centre in its place, offering carers and users a more adaptable and welcoming space. The proposed design will create a light, airy and flexible facility that will increase the group's potential to support the growing aging population. It will also include a bespoke training centre for local people who are considering a future in care. Read more about the new centre here Radford Care Group - Proposed new design

2016 Spirit of Recovery Awards

Double Impact held it's third Spirit of Recovery Awards on 27th January which celebrates the incredible work that goes on in services and local communities around Nottinghamshire. As usual Crocodile House went along to photograph the event and capture all the lucky winners. Unbeknown to us it just so happened that we were one of the lucky winners, in the category of Creative Recovery. We really enjoy all the work we do for Double Impact and we're constantly meeting remarkable people with inspiring recovery stories to tell. So to win an award for our work is fantastic. You can find out more about all the great work that Double Impact do here:   [caption id="attachment_1007" align="alignnone" width="225"] Creative Recovery Award[/caption]

stop animation

Stop Animation – simple, fun and creative

We love working in health and social care but every now and then we get the chance to do something totally unrelated to our specialism. Last week saw us spend a day with an old friend from Armitage Pet Care and their full range of Rotastak products. We decided that a stop animation film would be the best way to fully show off the modular nature of the products. After an hour of building and arranging we were ready. Constructing the full kit first meant that we knew how large the final image would be so we could get it suitably framed. We then worked backwards, carefully removing a piece at a time and taking a photo. Over 70 frames later we had completely dismantled the set up. With a bit of post production tweaking and some suitable music our first stop animation film was born. Our hard work was captured by the GoPro and can be viewed here    

BMA Patient Information Awards 2015

The Living Well with Epilepsy series of booklets and films which we created for Nottinghamshire Healthcare Foundation Trust received a 'Highly Commended' at Monday's BMA Patient Information Awards. The BMA Patient Information Awards (PIA) were established to encourage excellence in the production and dissemination of accessible, well-designed and clinically balanced patient information. 165 resources were submitted to the BMA Patient Information Awards this year. Ten special awards were made from the rest of the highly commended awards, including two new awards for information aimed at children or procured by NHS trusts. The entry form for the 2016 Patient Information Awards will be available mid December 2015.

Recovery in Nottingham

Recovery In Nottingham – Quality Account

Recovery in Nottingham (RiN) recently commissioned us to create a video for their Quality Account. They wanted something which they could not only show to commissioners but also something that was accessible to other professionals and service users. RiN provides support in 4 main areas: Access, Treatment, Aftercare and the Health Shop. For each of these areas we interviewed a member of staff and 1-2 service users. The staff talked about why they like working for the recovery service and what makes each service so special. The service users spoke about how the services had helped them and what they had achieved in their recovery journey. Rather than just end up with a series of talking heads we decided early on to film with a green screen background. This gave us more options with the style of the finished film. The client wanted a Nottingham feel to the film so we were able to film various Nottingham locations and place the interview footage in situ. One service user had work experience in a kitchen as part of his recovery. So we filmed a kitchen scene and in post production superimposed the interview onto a knife block (see image). Other interview footage appears in the Market Square, on the tram and on the Brian Clough statue. Working with the green screen interview footage in post production meant that we could put effects on the footage that helped to blend it into the scene. It also meant we could make some people  more anonymous if they so wished. The film can be viewed here      

Digital filming Video production

Video Service – making things easy for you

At Crocodile House we love making videos. Our new 40 second video advert  gives you a taste of what we do. It doesn't matter how much experience you have when it comes to film making. We're happy to support you all the way with your video project. We will help you to create the initial video brief, meet with those involved, and plan and organise the video shoots. We want to make the whole process easy for you. You can be involved as much or as little as you want or your busy schedule allows. Although based in Nottingham we've made videos for clients all over the UK. Recent projects include Supported Living, Recovery Services, Autism and Aspergers, Pressure Ulcer Prevention, and Epilepsy and Learning Disability. We're happy to discuss your needs and offer advice on the best way for you to move forward to get your message heard.


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Based in Derbyshire, but working throughout the East Midlands and the UK, Crocodile House specialises in working with the Health and Social Care sectors. With our personal backgrounds in Learning Disability we especially enjoy involving service users in projects and always want the creative process to be a positive and valuable experience for all involved. We understand the culture of the Health and Social Care sector. We understand tight deadlines, budget constraints and increasing workloads. We’ll work at a pace that suits you and will undertake project management tasks to help reduce organisational pressures.

We appreciate the importance of finding the time to understand the needs of each client and their target audiences allowing for the effective communication of ideas. We have delivered successful projects within Learning Disability, Mental Health, Elderly, Substance Misuse, Recovery and Probation.

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